In loving memory of Elsa

Many of you will already know that the founder and driving force behind Terendak Lhasa Apsos, Elsa Dickinson, passed away in June after a short illness. She was a dedicated and much loved wife, mother, grandmother and great grandmother. She loved her family unconditionally and is missed by us all. She also loved her second family, her pets and animals particularly her beloved dogs. I also include in that second family the wonderful friends she called “doggy people”. Over the past 50 years dog breeding and showing were Elsa’s passion. Growing up in the Dickinson family there was never a shortage of canine company. Starting with Poodles (of all sizes), through Chihuahua’s, Bearded Collies, Lhasa's, Bullies and German Spitz to name but a few. If anyone has bought a Terendak puppy in the past you will know how dedicated and loving Elsa was with her pups. MI5 would have been proud of her interview technique! She wouldn’t let them go to just anybody and that says everything you need to know. Below are some snaps we’ve found of Elsa with some of her dogs but there aren’t nearly enough (she took thousands herself of course). If you have any photo’s or stories we’d love to see and hear them. Finally we’ve added a roll of honour section with photos and details of Terendak dogs over the years. Again please feel free to send us details of any Terendak dogs you have or have had, pets or show dogs. We’d love to add them to the site.

Elsa with Fudge

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